Moon Watching

When Elohim created the sun, moon and stars they were given four jobs;

1) Rule the day and the night
2) Give light upon the earth
3) Tell people what time of day, month and year it is
4) Divide the light from the darkness; Gen 1:14-18.

Have you ever asked the moon “What day is it?” or the sun, “What time is it?” Well if that sounds silly, then keep reading because you’re going to find out it’s true!

The moon changes every night as it moves across our sky. This happens because the moon is circling around the earth. That’s what moons do, they “orbit” or circle around another planet. It takes the moon over 29-days to go around the earth! That’s a long way to travel, but the moon is made by Elohim and so it is perfect for it’s job.

One of the jobs the moon does is to give light upon the earth. The moon couldn’t shine all by itself. Where do you think the moon gets it’s light? A long time ago men found out that the moon is reflecting the sun’s light. Just like when sunlight shines on water and then reflects in our eyes, ouch! When the moon is hiding behind the earth, the sun’s light can’t get to it, and so, we can’t see the moon!

Well, in the days before computers and calendars, the moon, sun and stars WERE the calendars! They this because Yahweh told them how to tell time His way! He said when they see the first sight of the new moon to blow the trumpets and make sacrifices, and we call this day the “first day” of the new month. Many Assembly members look for the new moon every month and report to others whether or not they see the new moon on our New Moon Wesite** at

He tells us to gather sometimes on the fifthteenth of the month and guess what the moon looks like’s big and bright like a flashlight from the sky! During this years Feast of Tabernacles, lift up you eyes and you will see that the moon will be round as a nickel. Yahweh provided this light for us to see our way to our beds after being together and thanking Him all day. Smile and say a big “Thank You, Yahweh! Thank you for the sun, moon and stars that tell us when to meet together in Your Name! HalleluYah!”

**Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua maintains a new moon reporting website at Parents are encouraged to sign up as new moon spotters and involve their children in this Biblical observance!


GENESIS 1:14-15
"Elohim said, "There shall be lights in the heavenly sky to divide between day and night, they shall serve as signs and define festivals, days and years."

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